Black Opal project / SiO2n.H20

This project was included at Momentum Biennial (2017)- it was placed inside the white hut based on an outback watertank, images below, as part of my installation “It was like experiencing a fold in time, she said” .
Later this project was nominated at the Lumen Arts Prize (2018), London and got me a spot in the 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow (Thames and Hudson) 2019. It was shown in the group show Prima Materia at Bundoora Arts Centre in Melbourne 2019.  I went to Wallangulla Country in NSW Australia to research and look for the black opal in my quest around Thin Places, superstition and mining effects on the landscape and waters. It was funded by a residency at the IMA gallery in Brisbane and through an AIDF grant Arts Council England.
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