Let’s Face it! 

New public art work for Huskvarna Folkets Park commissioned by Statens Konstråd and Folkets hus & parker installed Nov 2022. Inaguration was 20th April 2023. 

Let’s face it is an installation, a space and 3 sculptures made from recycled stone; granite, diabase and gneiss from the industrial stone yard. The work plays on the double. A double eye where the pupil has a hole straight through, a double nose from the same red granite piece, and a double tongue in pink/grey marbled gneiss. Just like each coin has two sides, emphasising the incompleteness of the human. It shows itself as an absurd figuration with humour. From one angle it’s a portrait sticking it’s tongue out, from another angle the eye becomes a duck, a lizard and the noses also looks like a mushroom. The tongue, is the one part of the body that is rarely mimicked in visuals. It’s heard, it’s sensorial and sensual, it’s cannibalistic, it makes sense of ideas and thoughts, but it’s not seen. However here it stands alone not framed by a mouth, yet we can see the mouth in its absence. In this it also nods to thousands of years in cultural sculpture history; the Egyptians and their god-man Horus with the protective eye or Louise Bourgeois large stone eyes. The noses nods to all those old stone sculptures and portraits of past humans with their lost noses. Instead of a sculpture ‘looking’ like one particular person, I want to give homage to all the lost noses and all noses.
The grey and red granite is about 1800 millions years of age.