Red Dirt Drag, 2019

The Immeasurable was an attempt to organise an exhibtion around this notion of knowledge. Co-curated with co-Director of Kunstraum-Hannah Conroy. We invited 25 artists from Australia, Sweden and London based artists of different nationalities. I participated as an artist showing my work Red Dirt Drag (2017/19) and was also the co-organiser. Link: The Immeasurable exhibition

Over two years, intermittently, Linda spent significant time out in the Eastern Goldfields desert area of Australia working directly with the indigenous Wongatha clan and the invasive mining procedures of the surrounding landscape. The ‘Red Dirt / Salt Drags’ is a female gesture caressing and teasing out the stories embedded in the salt lakes, the red landscape that has been used for thousands of years prior to colonialism. The works had to be in quarantine packed up for over 1 year and are here shown for the first time together with a new iteration of her handblown glass objects that constitutes the microscopic image of the ancient deadly bacteria burkholderia psedomallei that has started to shift its habitat due to the heavy industrialization of Australian outback that disrupts and alters the native waterways.
(Burkholderia Crystalized, was first made and shown at Momentum Biennial, Alienation, 2017).

The stop motion video shows Linda performing the calico in the landscape, shot as part of her residency/commission 2016-18 with IAS, Spaced, in Eastern Goldfields outback town Leonora/Gwalia.
The Immeasurable was made possible with ACE (Arts Council England) funding.