The Time is NOW and it’s overdue-Monica Sjöö, 2022
Memorial Ritual with the band TEARS | OV

Participants: Patricia Brien, Dyana Gravina, Daniella Dessa, Lizzie Feoshi, Liberty Rowley, Geraldine Hudson
TEARS | OV live with band member Lori E Allen & Lottie Poulet

As part of MONICA SJÖÖ-the time is NOW and its overdue! Linda wanted to work in Sjöö's spirit by embracing inclusivie, shared knowledge and art as activism, bringing art to the streets. She has invited TEARS |OV to produce a live-score for the performative Memorial Ritual which honours the first 12 women accused, tortured and killed as witches in Småland 1550-1626.

She has also co-created workshops by inviting artists Rachel Fallon and Sam Hodge to re-create their works by opening it up to an all inclusive participartory experience. The exhibition ended 10th September 2022

Supported by The Swedish Arts Comittee/Konstnärsnämnden
photo: ©Liam Sprod