Public art commission | Offentliga verk

Title: Stjärnstoff / Stardust.
A new commission for Uppsala municipality
inagurated 27November

This is a project in the puclic domain around Lövstalöt/Bälinge, a suburb to Uppsala, that is developing. I’ve been working closely with a nearby carehome for young adults with downs syndrome and in particular with Tessan and Martin and their carer Bella. The work has included workshops with them in Uppsala, they came to Småland for 4 days to participate in the glassblowing and I’ve cast their hands in my studio which will become an integral part of the glass and aluminium part of the sculpture.
The work is a celebration of every grain from geological strata, to the cosmological and the existance briefly as a body on earth. The art consultant is Björn Norberg.
The production has happend with The GlassFactory, Vadstena Konstgjuteri and Zaarstone AB.

Title: Let’s Face It!
A public art work for Huskvarna Folkets Park commissioned by Statens Konstråd and Folkets hus & parker installed Nov 2022. Inaguration was 20th April 2023.

The work Let’sFace It is a group of tall stone sculptures resembling features of the human face. Depending on where in the park you stand, that face might appear and take a peek at you. Open all year round, Huskvarna Folkets Park is a lively place offering a wide range of concerts, plays and festivals.

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Blickfång / Eyecatcher is a Public Art Commission that I won to design and execute 201819. It was inaugurated February 2020 for the municipality Haninge, Stockholm suburbia near the commuter train.

It incorporate several light points in areas between nature and urban location, passages of darkness, to emphasise place and security.

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Carlforsska Highschool in Västerås stad 2020. Seven of my digital collages printed and framed were installed in their canteen.
Seven titles examples below:
Moonrise (blue)
Conglomorate (macro photography from a gold mine in Tasmania formed as a rorschach blot)

Carlforsska Gymnasiet i Västerås stad 2020 smyckades i matsalen med 7 av mina digitala collage.

In 2020 I got a commission for Hedda Spendrups new beer and resturant OMAKA in Stockholm.
It’s a ceramic breast fountain also acting as a sink where one washes the hands after the toilet.

Title: The Great Tit

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Artikel Dagens Nyheter 27/6/2022 >︎
Tungorna / Tongues, 2020

This trio is an artwork in a public library in Brandbergen suburb of Stockholm.
The tongue is our body’s most mallable organ made up into 8 muscles.

In its isolation it is quite alien. This unseen part of us helps us to form concepts into sounds and words and is equally the delivery to love a hate.

At the same time it is a cannibalistic, sensual and sexual feature. It’s a truly non-gendered body part that looks the same in all humans. 

Tre tungor i keramik monterades på en plywoodskiva målad som en gom och installerades i Brandbergens bibliotek. Tre tungor är ett verk som påminner oss om att vi alla har samma sorts tunga, som har samma sorts färg men som den starkaste muskel kan skapa ord i olika språkgrupper.
Light & Language, 2017
Leonora Western Australia
Social interactive work making language signs in all heritage languages (23) in this area including immigrants and the languages of the local indigenous population. 

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1st prize in Visualizing multilingialism 2019 >︎