Witches Wombs

Handblown glass with bent steel bar and rope. 
Installed first time at Växjö konsthall 2019-20 soloshow To Breathe Through The Bones of The Dead ︎ link

2019-20 solo presentation at Van Gelder Galerie in Amsterdam ︎link

2020 Jubileum Örebro Konsthall ︎

2022 as part of the group show  POST TOTEM  at OHSH projects London UK ︎

Raised to the sky, floating, bubbling in an amber light tone. Almost as if preserved in time. Sand molten and become liquid by fire. Transforming one thing to another by hard human labour, blowing air into the lump, shaped by the breath from the lung. Bubbles created by a stroke of baking powder. True alchemy. Swiveled rotated and hit. These are Witches Wombs handblown in glass with glassblower Peter Kuchinke in Sweden, The Glass Factory.

Two of these wombs were acquired in 2020 by Örebro Läns Museum. 

Photo: Anders Bergön/Växjö Konsthall & myself. Supported by Växjö Konsthall, Helge Ax:son Johnssons Stiftelse, A-N Artists Bursaries
These works relates to the silenced voices of women (and some men) who where pointed out as trollkona / witches 1550-1626 (Sweden, Småland) and accused, tortured, killed. I wanted to bring forth the terms of accusations, methods and it's relation to superstition, power, and the development of capitalism. The womb is the last organ to decompose after a womans body has died.
The exhibition ︎ link To Breathe Through The Bones Of The Dead named the 12 first women that were accused and killed. It was a gesture towards recognising their deaths by the induced violence towards their bodies and minds executed by men. A constitution which in part shaped the violence and control of the female body that we still see in society today.