This work was first a solo exhibition at Växjö Konsthall 2019-2020︎︎︎ and later as part of a group exhibition at ArtLab Gnesta (The useless mouths) 2021 ︎︎︎. The work originated from my research on witch craft, the other body, and on country borders. To Breathe Through The Bones Of The Dead is an exhibition and a memorial through artworks that emerged through reserach in this area of Sweden; unpacking the systemic implemented violence on the female body starting with the early witch-hunts. This particular exhibition emphasise the first 12 women that was accused, tortured and executed as 'witches' in Småland, Sweden 1550-1625.

I wanted to bring forth my interest around geology and gender and how this is directly linked to land rights, industry and power. By using glass blowing I am working with the Swedish heritage at the Crystal Kingdom also in Småland, Swedish glass- a traditional craftmanship shaped by sand, fire and the air in a lung and highly skilled movement.

I have created various objects, where 8 were activated through a memorial ritual, bringing forth life and death through the crystalized breaths of the objects in glass, shaped by my own and a glass blowers breath. 
This was developed through a performance called Memorial Ritual Minnesritualen and has been re-staged recently in London Beaconsfield gallery︎︎︎ and at Gylleboverket in Skåne (2022)︎︎︎ 
The work show these women's unacknowledged deaths into a visual realm by making their 'last breath' in glass.
The exhibition at Växjö did two things; firstly, it opened up for questions around the Swedish 'witch-hunts' and its surrounding economy and secondly it is highlighting Swedish traditional highly skilled craft man ship as a way to create ‘other’ ways of thinking and question through material.
The exhibitionalso shows 2 films shoot on 16 mm digitised. 

TITLES: Witches Marks (two handblown double spheres with an Apotropaic marking burnt into the glass surface) with two accompanying ceramic ‘throats’ with hair. 

Witches Wombs two suspended amber coloured glass objects in a metal bow. read more here︎

Tools for Sorrow Ceramic objects that mimics tools used on the female body during the trial and torture session.

The Naming 
12 baubles blown with opaline and hand etched surfaces with apotropaic marks and the names of the 12 first women trialled and their year of death to acknowledge their existence.

A film shoot on 16mm in 2015 at the Blue Maiden in South Sweden, an island known as a witch island.